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The hospital has a capacity to care for 86 patients. Patients stay on average 5 days in the hospital. The average bed occupancy rate in 2006 was 142%. This means every bed was used on average by 1,42 patients. An old school behind the hospital was rented to accommodate the surplus of patients. The school is not built to serve as a hospital and lacks e.g. basic sanitary facilities. The hospital aims to expand it’s capacity in the coming years with a new patient wing.

 In 2006 6808 individuals were hospitalized resulting in 44.571 hospitalization days. The 10 most frequent diagnosis are listed in table 1. The number of patients per specialty are provided in table 2.

The majority of people in Indonesia is insured through a government insurance plan, ASKES. The hospital is required to provide different service levels. A breakdown of the patient per class is provided in table 3.

Table 1: The 10 most frequent diagnosis of inpatients

DisorderNumber of patients
Appendicitis 1666
Ispa 950
Gea 579
Gastritis 453
Bronchitis 226
Tuberculosis 189
Pneumonia 142

 Table 2: number of patients/specialty 

SpecialtyNumber of patients
General 3510
Surgery 1027
Peditrics 1473
Obstetrics 326
Gynecology 103

Table 3: beds/insurance category

Insurance categoryNumber of beds Number of roomsNumber of patients 2006
VIP3 3 
Intermediate care2 3119
Class 17 4745
Class 217161780
Class 3A355822
Class 3B2143139
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